Chateau St. Jean North Coast Chardonnay, 2012

This chardonnay was a gift from my girlfriend’s mother, Cora, on Thanksgiving.  It was made by these guys.Chateau St. John Chardonnay

This wine has heavy (syrupy?) legs, and an oaky scent.  It is not very buttery compared to some other chardonnays.  It has a great balance between sweet and dry.  It isn’t too tart, but is woody.  I like it!


Sbragia Merlot

My good friend Alex got me a bottle of wine!  (He may have been attempting to bribe me, because he plays in my D&D game).  This is Sbragia Family Vineyards 2008 Home Ranch Merlot (and some dice).

Sbragia Merlot 1

It comes from this vineyard.

Here are some amateur tasting comments: This merlot is a little sweet, and a little tart, with notes of cherry.  It is warm and mellow.  It has no legs and very little aroma.  It has a caramel tint.

Verdict: delicious.  I would drink it again.  Thanks Alex!


Hello, my name is Bob and this blog is dedicated to games that I play, as well as wines that I drink.  Primarily this is intended as a writing and site-management exercise, for my benefit.  However, if you and I share similar tastes, congratulations!  You may find my posts amusing or even useful.

A caveat: I am an amateur at blogging, gaming, and wine-ing.  I am not a game designer or even a playtester.  Neither am I a sommelier or wine collector.  I play games and I drink wine, and I am hopeful that in the course of writing this blog I will become better at both.

By games, I primarily mean tabletop roleplaying games and assorted video games.  Most of my experience is in those genres, and I enjoy them the most.  I am also fond of a few board games.  I try not to play head games, not with my friends and loved ones.  Currently I am running a game of Pathfinder, and also a game of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition), so many of my initial posts will pertain to those games.  Some posts will contain my musings on games and gaming culture, in general.

By wine, I mean fermented grape juice, non-distilled.  Certainly I enjoy other drinks, and I might write about them, too.  I may also comment on interesting cheeses, should I have some.

I have yet to decide on many aspects of this page, such as visual theme, commenting policy, or the possibility of guest posts.  Like with many tabletop games, I am making this up as I go along.