Hello, my name is Bob and this blog is dedicated to games that I play, as well as wines that I drink.  Primarily this is intended as a writing and site-management exercise, for my benefit.  However, if you and I share similar tastes, congratulations!  You may find my posts amusing or even useful.

A caveat: I am an amateur at blogging, gaming, and wine-ing.  I am not a game designer or even a playtester.  Neither am I a sommelier or wine collector.  I play games and I drink wine, and I am hopeful that in the course of writing this blog I will become better at both.

By games, I primarily mean tabletop roleplaying games and assorted video games.  Most of my experience is in those genres, and I enjoy them the most.  I am also fond of a few board games.  I try not to play head games, not with my friends and loved ones.  Currently I am running a game of Pathfinder, and also a game of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition), so many of my initial posts will pertain to those games.  Some posts will contain my musings on games and gaming culture, in general.

By wine, I mean fermented grape juice, non-distilled.  Certainly I enjoy other drinks, and I might write about them, too.  I may also comment on interesting cheeses, should I have some.

I have yet to decide on many aspects of this page, such as visual theme, commenting policy, or the possibility of guest posts.  Like with many tabletop games, I am making this up as I go along.


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